How Do I Register My Child for a Race?

Congratulations you're officially about to become a ski racer Mom/Dad

What do I need and where do I find it?

Everything you need for race registration can be found at the PARA website.

Each race may have slightly different requirements for how they accept and process race registrations. Many of them now use an on-line registration process through The on-line process is easy and allows efficient registrations and cancellations, if necessary.

Some races may still use the paper race entry form for registration which can be found at the PARA website. Some require 1 check per racer per form per day, some don't allow faxed entries, many have different date cutoffs, many don't allow phone entries, etc. Each race lists its requirements on the PARA race schedule on the PARA website along with the link to the on-line registration or the address the entry cards and payments should be mailed to. You'll be able to see what age groups run during a race, what the entry fees are, where to send them and any other notes they have added re the registration process specific to that race/mountain/race club. You should note the schedule and cutoff dates for races. On site registration is almost always impossible.

You can view the schedule by going to the PARA website and clicking on Race Info and then Race Schedules. At the PARA website you can also see updates for dates/race rescheduling, postponements, cancellations, etc. The PARA website is a very important resource for you.

Tips for Paper Registration

  • Use some type of guaranteed courier service so you can verify that it arrived without bothering the race officials/race secretary/admin person.
  • Use 1 check & 1 entry card per racer per race as this is generally easiest for the admin folks.
  • Write very neatly, especially the USSA #.
  • Make a photocopy of everything and make sure it's packed in your ski bag for the race.
  • Send entries in early, generally at least three weeks prior to the race, especially if you are using regular USPS mail service.
  • U16+ racers should complete (with your verification) their own entry forms and manage their entry process for the season as it builds organizational skills and helps them take ownership of ski racing.

That's pretty much it. If you have additional questions ask Dan, Steve or Jan.