Race Day Information

  • 7-8am Registration (upper stairs in the main lodge)
  • 7:50am Team Captains Meeting, outside of the front of the lodge, slopeside
  • 8:00am Whitetail Express Lift opens to racers and coaches only
  • 8:05am Course inspection opens
  • 8:45am Entry onto the course for inspection closed
  • 9:00am Course inspection ends
  • 9:05am First Forerunner
  • 9:15am First Racer

Skiing is limited to Upper Angel Drop and Homerun only till 8:30am

1 run, then a reset, 2nd run, brief pause (10-15 minutes) then 3rd run.

  • Runs 1 & Runs 2 will form the "race" for awards based on combined run time.
  • Run 3 is for regional selection purposes only — no awards

Racer tickets will be available for $25, one racer only — reduced tickets will be available for family members, $43 for an extended day ticket. Racer tickets will be available at a designated ticket window 11.

All non-skiing spectators will need to obtain a Walk Pass. The Walk Passes ($0 ticket) will be available at Guest Services and the “information booth” near the main stairs.

Liability Release

EVERY RACER MUST fill out and turn in the LIABILITY RELEASE to be able to race at Whitetail, NO EXCEPTIONS. To save time at registration we suggest you download this pdf liability release, fill it out very neatly, sign and send with your racer to registration. Incomplete or illegible releases will not be accepted. One release must accompany every racer. Single releases per family will not be accepted. Liablity releases will be available at race registration.

Check back for a downloadable version of the liability release. A link will be posted here.

Other Information

Official Posting board will be at the timing building.

CONFINE SKIING AT RACE SPEEDS TO THE RACE COURSE - Please remember this is a public ski area filled with skiers. “Buzzing skiers,” fast or reckless skiing outside the race course can result in loss of skiing privileges at Whitetail.

SAY THANK YOU TO A VOLUNTEER - None of us would be out here without parents, friends, coaches, and mountain staff giving their time. Rude or obnoxious comments or behavior can ensure that person never gives time again, or worse. A positive comment can go much farther, ensuring that we will continue to have venues and support for ski racing. Do your part and say thank you to someone that's working at the event and someone that's working at the mountain.