Welcome to Whitetail Race Team!

Helmets designed and manufactured for the particular discipline of ski racing being contested are required for all competitors and forerunners in all USSA events and official training.

Some dos, don’ts, etiquette and general tidbits, in no particular order.

Our Goal

It's simple. Our kids don't just want to be skiers - they want to be a significant cut above. They aim to become excellent skiers and possibly ski racers for a lifetime by training and racing in a fun but competitive environment.

Our Club

The WTSEF is a non-profit foundation. We run our own program, with parents at the helm, and as the hub. The kids race under the...

Skiing well in a race isn't just a matter of skiing two fifty second runs well. In order to ski down the course in your best form you need to make a lot of things happen ahead of time. The process for race day begins on the last prior training day. We'll start there and run through a race day.